'Dickens Dinner,' a Victorian holiday feast was held at Trinity Episcopal Church Saturday evening, Dec. 11.

When Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” over 100 years ago, little did he know that his fable about a man discovering the joy of caring about his fellow creatures would create traditions that would last for generations.
Many of those traditions where celebrated during the last two weeks during “Christmas In A Small Town,” which began with the arrival of Santa Claus  by rail on Saturday morning Dec. 4, and topped off with a “Dicken’s Dinner” on Saturday evening, Dec. 11.
The Victorian-era holiday feast was held at Trinity Episopal Church on River St.  Plans for the event began last September by church members, under the guidance of their pastor, Fr. Donald Schiable.  Decorations were designed, a menu compiled, and musicians engaged.
Trinity Church’s Durfee Hall was transformed into a wonderland of trees, wreaths, garlands, lace and chandlelight.  Banquet tables were clothed in maroon linens with lace overlays, and wreath-encircled hurricane lamps adorned each table and window sill.
At mealtime, traditional English fare was served by Cozy Corner Cafe, which included stuffed pork with walnutss, assorted vegetables, hearty beef, and plum and bread pudding.
After dinner, musical entertainment was presented by the combined choirs of Christ Episcopal Church of Forest City and Trinity Episcopal Church of Carbondale, accompanied by flute and organ.  Dinner guests were invited to join in singing traditonal carols.
The stroll back in time was continued the next morning when many in the Trinity Congregation wore the “Dickens” costumes to the Sunday service. In the afternoon, carollers serenaded residents at a local nursing home.
The Dickens event was such a success that plans are being made for next year’s celebration.