In an interview on ABC News for Easter Sunday, Rev. Franklin Graham was asked if he was troubled by Donald Trump’s calls for Pres. Obama to release his birth certificate or the notion that Obama may not have been born in the U.S.A.

In an interview on ABC News for Easter Sunday, Rev. Franklin Graham was asked if he was troubled by Donald Trump’s calls for Pres. Obama to release his birth certificate or the notion that Obama may not have been born in the U.S.A.
Rather than take the bait, Graham placed the onus right where it belonged — squarely on Obama.
He pointed out what anyone with one ounce of common sense already knew — that the whole so-called “birther” controversy which had been raging for two-and-a-half years was one that Obama “could answer pretty quickly” by simply releasing his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate.
That was the point all along.  Well, that and the fact that being a natural-born citizen is a constitutional requirement for serving as president.
But not for the liberal media and everyone else in the Obama Cult — the people who swooned at the sight of him when he descended from those Greek columns like a god stepping down from Mount Olympus to save the world, and when he prophesied that his election to the presidency would result in the ocean levels receding and the planet cooling, and when he said things like “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” (translation: “I am the One you’ve been waiting for”) or used similarly messianic language in promoting himself.
The vast majority of the political center — real independents — have long since abandoned Obama, having watched him run up unprecedented debt that threatens our nation’s future, travel all over the world bad-mouthing America, homosexualize our military and signal that he will make redefining marriage and the rest of the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) agenda a top priority if he wins a second term, launch government takeovers of our banking, health care and auto making industries, and all the rest. 
Judging from Obama’s collapsing poll numbers, his support now comes solely from the true believers, those very same Obama Cult members.  You know, the grown men who were weeping openly and the women who were fainting or going weak in the knees when they saw him on his rock-star-style 2008 presidential run.
Thus, for two-and-a-half years, the media and the rest of the Obama Cult could only demonize anyone who dared address the subject of constitutional eligibility as a “birther,” instead of asking Obama this simple question:  “Why not just honor our Constitution and release your birth certificate?”  Or, when he finally did release it on Wednesday morning, asking him the obvious question:  “What took you so long?”
For me, the most infuriating aspect about this whole affair dates back to media coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign.
The media were in bigtime “birther” mode back then, all hot and bothered by questions about whether one presidential candidate was a natural-born citizen or not.  There was no demonization of the people asking these questions, nor any downplaying of the seriousness of the constitutional issues at stake.  No, there were only demands — led by the New York Times — that the candidate prove his citizenship.
That candidate was, of course, John McCain.  Whereas Obama’s father was a Kenyan who was never an American citizen nor a permanent resident, McCain’s parents were provably both U.S. citizens with long histories here — including his father’s lifetime of service in our military (McCain was born in Panama while his father was in the Navy).
Nevertheless, the media and liberal activists pursued the matter so doggedly that the U.S. Senate had to hold hearings on it.  The Senate ultimately concluded that McCain was eligible to serve as president, because both his parents were American citizens. 
Oh, by the way, McCain was compelled to show the Senate his long-form birth certificate to prove his status.  Only then, after all this inquiry, did the Senate vote 99-0 (with McCain abstaining) on a motion stating that he met the constitutional requirement for eligibility.
On the flip side, though, Obama was given a complete pass by the media in 2008.  Not just about his birth certificate, but about everything in his personal history.  The double standard was simply stunning, even for the liberal media, considering that Bernie Goldberg accurately described the symbiotic relationship between Obama and the liberal media in his book A Big Slobbering Love Affair.   
Obama’s birth certificate was just one of a long list of documents related to his birth, health, education and life history — documents which have routinely been made public by our past presidents and those aspiring to the job — which Obama has chosen to keep hidden away.  We were told, and continue to be told, that we’re racists for even bringing this up, or for daring to question or criticize the Anointed One in any way.
This is why I wrote in a column in this space four weeks ago, in our April 6 edition, that “the questions about Obama go far beyond those concerning paternity, birth and citizenship.”  The truth is they still do — and, again, they can all be cleared up quickly and easily, by Obama himself.
I’ve written a great deal about Obama over the past couple years, but the April 6 column was the first time I ever mentioned the birth certificate controversy, and only then because it was going to have to be released due to four major developments — the more than a dozen states that were advancing legislation requiring all 2012 presidential candidates to meet the constitutional requirement for eligibility by producing their birth certificate;  the various polls which showed that Obama was losing credibility with a sizable portion of our population by refusing to release it;  the impending publication of a book by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., whose previous #1 best-seller helped sink John Kerry’s presidential bid in 2004;  and, yes, the persistent demands by Trump for Obama to finally do it, which could not be ignored by the national media.  With all this happening, Obama was either going to release his birth certificate or we were going to have a constitutional crisis on our hands soon enough.
Hey, even MSNBC left-wing loon Chris Matthews — who famously gets a thrill up his leg when he hears Obama speak — called on Obama to release the birth certificate!
Now that he’s finally done so, some in the media are demanding that Trump and others apologize.  To which I say:  Apologize for what?  For the fact that Obama has released the document two-and-a-half years after he should have, when Hillary Clinton's supporters first started calling on him to produce it?  These people are delusional.
As for Obama himself, he lectured in his inimitable manner on Wednesday morning that this was all just a distraction — our Constitution be damned — and too silly a thing for him to spend a moment’s time on, with so many serious issues facing this nation.  Then he immediately jumped onto Air Force One and jetted to Chicago to tape the Oprah show, then jumped back on the jet to New York to headline three top-dollar fundraisers there.
The truth is, from his 60-plus golf outings to his basketball games to his vacations to all of the White House concerts and parties he’s been hosting — everyone from McCartney to Motown — this guy’s presidency is one long distraction.  The rest of the time he spends whining about not having cool phones in the Oval Office, being isolated inside the “bubble,” and wishing he were the president of a Communist state like China.  
And as for all those remaining missing records from Obama’s past, the good thing is that he’s not running for election in 2012.  He’s running for re-election.  That means he’ll have to run on his record.
And from that, there is no getting away or hiding from public view.

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