Zoe White of Greenfield Twp. decided to use her 12th birthday on March 7 as a fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Zoe White, of Greenfield Twp., didn’t want anything for her 12th birthday.
She just wanted all she could get.
Instead of gifts, Zoe decided to use her March 7 birthday as a fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society.  So she held a party at the Greater Carbondale YMCA on Friday night, March 9, and invited fifth, sixth and seventh grade students from her school, Howard Gardner School for Discovery in Scranton.
Instead of gifts, Zoe asked her guests to bring donations to help the American Cancer Society.  Her goal was $800.
“My uncle Ricky [Rick DeNike of Scranton] was diagnosed with cancer last December,” Zoe explained.  “He had his kidney removed a few months ago.  That made me aware of the problem of cancer.”
This is not the first birthday for which Zoe embraced a cause.
She devoted her 11th birthday last year to raising money to benefit Kindred Spirits, a horse rescue organization that assists special needs children. She raised $500.
In addition to her birthday party, Zoe received donations from other relatives and friends, as well as from posting her project on the American Cancer Society website (www.main.acsevents.org.), where anyone can make a donation.
About 14 of Zoe’s friends came to her party, including her Uncle Ricky. 
And Zoe exceeded her goal. 
She raised more than $1,700.
Looks like Zoe got exactly what she wanted for her birthday — and more...and so did those who will benefit from Zoe’s hard work and selfless generosity.
Zoe is the daughter of Wendy Hartman, general manager of Adams Cable.