Local singer-songwriter Abby Millon, 15, a native of Carbondale, is performing as the featured headliner at fundraising events for Marley’s Mission, most recently at a concert in Scranton.

Local singer-songwriter Abby Millon, 15, a native of Carbondale, is performing as the featured headliner at fundraising events for Marley’s Mission, most recently at a concert in Scranton.
The non-profit corporation helps children throughout Northeast Pennsylvania who have experienced trauma, and their families, at no charge to them.
Marley’s Mission is the brainchild of the mother of a 5-year-old girl who was brutally attacked in her home by a stranger in July 2009.  The woman’s vision for the charitable organization was centered on the therapeutic value that a horse played in her daughter’s recovery, and using horses to help heal other children.  The formation of the non-profit was spearheaded by Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Gene Talerico, who prosecuted the case (the girl’s attacker was sentenced to life in prison).
Talerico serves as President of the Board of Marley’s Mission, and he and his team recruited Abby to sing the group’s theme song, “I’m On A Mission,” and to headline fundraising events for the organization as well as to work with the children and families being helped by Marley’s.
“We heard her on YouTube and on iTunes and we were very impressed by her,” Talerico told the NEWS.  “But it wasn’t until we went to see her perform live and heard the full, raw power of her voice that we realized the complete scope of her musical talents.  At that point, we all knew that she was the right person to perform our theme song.”
On the experience of Abby’s live performance, he said simply:  “It was breathtaking.”
Since then, Abby has been performing at Marley’s Mission fundraisers and will continue doing so, while also working with the children and families who are being helped by the group.
She described it as a great experience, and very beneficial to her as both a performer and as a person.
“I love being a part of this organization and I definitely support what they’re doing,” Abby explained.  “It’s great that they’re so devoted to helping kids who have been through so much in their lives, so I want to do my part and help out in any way I can.” 
“While I’m pursuing my dreams in music, the work that I’m doing with Marley’s Mission — and with these kids and their families — is really helping me to stay level-headed and showing me what’s truly important in life.”
Talerico posted a special note about Abby on Facebook entitled “The Power of Music — A Star On the Rise,” which reads, in part:  “What inspires us about Abby is, she gets it.  At 15, she gets the power of music and its ability to change a mood or brighten a day.  Most importantly, she gets how her talent impacts kids.  And it does.  It really does.  For the past few weeks, Abby has become more and more of a fixture with Team Marley’s Mission.  She has become our own rock star.  But she has balance.  She is selfless and she allows kids who really need to have their day brightened see the sun.  We are proud to have her and her incredible family as part of the Marley’s Mission family.  And we are indebted to her for the smiles she brings to so many that mean so much to us.”
During the recent fundraiser in Scranton, which was held at the Connell Building, Abby opened the show with her rendition of “I’m On A Mission.”  From there, she went on to sing some of the cuts on her debut CD “The Dive,” which contains seven of her original songs, as well as cover versions of hits by artists such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Taylor Swift.
To learn more about the charitable organization, go to the group’s website at marleysmission.com.  All donations, contributions and in-kind services are tax deductible.
Abby’s music can be found at her YouTube channel, AbbyMxOriginals, on iTunes, or at her website at abbymillon.com.
Abby is the daughter of Rich and Kelly Millon, both of Carbondale.  Abby has a sister, Emily, and a brother, Jacob.  The family resides in Honesdale.