Forest City's Carl Urbas picked up his 500th career win to highlight girls' play.

Forest City's Carl Urbas picked up his 500th career win to highlight girls' play.

Lady Foresters 62
Lacka. Trail 31
After a 19-5 start, FC went on a 21-5 second period spurt to take command.
Cassandra Bendyk and Carly Erdmann posted 20 and 13 points.

Chargerettes 47
Lady Chiefs 44
Carbondale Area posted a 23-16 advantage in the middle periods for the upset win.
Zoe Zazzera led the winners with 14 points while Hayley Skorupa added 13 points. Sarah Totsky netted 10 points.
Alissa Steier and Jodie Virbitsky topped Lakeland with 14 and 12 points.

Lady Foresters 49
Blue Ridge 22
After a 4-3 first period, FC went on a 28-5 second quarter run to take command.
Carly Erdmann and Cassandra Bendyk led the way with 19 and 17 points.

Riverside 49
Chargerettes 31
CA trailed 19-17 at halftime but was outscored 17-5 and 13-9 in the second half.
Molly Carachilo's eight points topped CA.

Chiefs 42
Blue Ridge 22
Lakeland led 24-9 at halftime then put the game away with a 14-4 third period.
Jody Virbitsky and Alissa Steier led the victors with 16 and 14 points.

Standout Stuff
The regular season ends this week and a number of local performers rank among their division's best.

In D-III, Lakeland's Kayla Agentowicz, who missed last week's games due to injury, was fourth in scoring at 11.9 ppg while Carbondale Area's Sarah Totsky and Zoe Zazzera were seventh and ninth at 10.6 and 9.8 ppg.

Lakeland's Breann Clauss-walton, who missed the last few games and may be out for the post season, tops the free-throw efforts with a 20-24 effort (83.3%) while Agentowicz is third at 16-21 (76.2%). Lakeland's Alissa Stier is third in treys per game while CA's Molly Carachilo is sixth.

In D-IV, Forest City has the top two scorers in Carly Erdmann (15.0) and Cassandra Bendyk (14.3). Bendyk and Erdmann are third and fourth in free throws with 32-42 (76.2%) and 38-57 (66.7%) while Erdmann leads the division in treys per game.