A minor was arrested for possession last week after police responded to a disturbance report at Summit Gardens.

A minor was arrested for possession last week after police responded to a disturbance report at Summit Gardens.
Eugene Bolduc, 20, of 110 Westgate Dr. B-2 was taken into custody on charges of possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The arrest stemmed from a report of loud noise at the residence of Jessica Zintel, 23, and Naomi Banbridge, 135 Westgate Dr. G-8, at 2:43 a.m. on Feb. 12.
Sgt. Patrick Lawler, Sgt. Jeffrey Waters and Officer Robert Hopkins were dispatched on the call. As they approached the door of the residence they could hear noise coming from inside, people talking and moving around the apartment.
They knocked on the door but there was no answer. After about five minutes of knocking loudly and identifying themselves as police officers, the door was opened by Zintel. The officers informed her of the complaint by neighbors, but she said she wasn't making any noise. When asked why it took her so long to answer the door, she said she was in the bathroom and hadn't heard them knocking or calling out.
Zintel allowed the officers inside to check her apartment for other people, and they found Bolduc and three other individuals gathered in a bedroom. When the officers asked them why they hadn't answered the door, they said they had the radio playing and hadn't heard them.
The officers detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana in the bedroom. They also noticed an ashtray which had several plastic baggie tie-offs as well as the tobacco from a cigar in it.
"Both items are consistent with the packaging of marijuana and the ingestion of marijuana into the body," offered Sgt. Lawler, who filed the affidavit.
While his fellow officers continued questioning the suspects, Sgt. Lawler conducted pat-down searches of each of them. He discovered a glass marijuana pipe in Bolduc's front pants pocket which had marijuana residue in it as well as an empty baggie containing remnants of marijuana.
Bolduc said that was all of the drug paraphernalia in his possession, but then the officers found another sandwich bag in his back pocket which contained two individually-packaged bags of marijuana amounting to about a gram each.
He was taken into custody at that point on the two drug charges and transported to police headquarters for processing. Zintel was cited for disorderly conduct on the noise complaint, due to the fact that this was the third such complaint at her residence since December.