The Fell Twp. Board of Supervisors is hoping to have its sewer loan paid off early, shooting for sometime in 2015.

The Fell Twp. Board of Supervisors is hoping to have its sewer loan paid off early, shooting for sometime in 2015.
Meanwhile, the supervisors say they're still taking legal action to try to collect unpaid balances from residents who refuse to pay their bills.
Board chairman Ron Cosklo said the problems related to the sewer project, and the questions surrounding it, go back to before he was a supervisor.
"The project began in 1988, then collections got underway in 1992," he recounted. "The township borrowed $2.4 million from the state, but it only cost $1.2 million to do the work. I don't know what happened to the rest of the money."
During a meeting on Monday night, Feb. 4, Cosklo said Fell Twp. plans to make a $200,000 bulk payment to the state in the next couple months — something he said will allow the township to pay off the loan much earlier than expected.
"That would leave us with only about two-and-a-half years of payments, as opposed to seven years," he explained.
At the same time, he said the township continues to fall at least a couple thousand dollars short of its quarterly sewer payment of $8,668.20, due to delinquent payments. That's why the township is taking action on some of the "hardest cases" right now, he noted.
"We have ten of them at the magistrate, with twelve more to go after that," Cosklo offered.
In a related matter, supervisor Ann Marie Torch announced that the township mailed notices to 26 residents notifying them that their sewer fund balances are currently more than $500 each. She said the township collected $800 in delinquent payments during the previous month.
"Since collections are not sufficient to make the required payment to the state, the township must take delinquent accounts to court and also may have to raise the quarterly rate," she warned.
In another matter at the meeting, Torch noted that a directional arrow was installed at the west end of the Morse Ave. Bridge. She stated that many accidents occur there because drivers miss the turn at times of low visibility. She said the new signage should help deter such driver mishaps and avoid the resulting injuries, as well as the damage being caused to nearby properties.
The supervisors also announced:
•they had notified J.P. Mascaro & Sons, the township hauler, of missed garbage pick-ups on Cemetery St. and Crystal Lake Forrest;
•they are still looking for a late-model, American-made backhoe to purchase, preferably one made by either Deere or Case.