Congratulations to the FBLA members on an outstanding performance yesterday at the Regional Competition.

Congratulations to the 1st place finishers: Declan Caviston in Introduction to Business Procedures, Madison Moase in Business Law, and Madison Hayner in Introduction to Business Communication and qualifying for states.

Other top finishers were: Noah Mauro in 5th place in Business Law, the team of Emily Gerek, Megan McDonald, and Sarah Sawyer for placing 4th in Entrepreneurship, Kristina Gorel for placing 4th in FBLA Principles and Procedures, the team of Skylar Dearie and Alex Granville for placing 5th in Global Business, the team of Isobel Turonis and Hailey VanLeuven for placing 4th in Hospitality Management, Kaitlyn Shockey for placing 4th in Introduction to Business Taylor Emiliani for placing 5th in Introduction to Business Procedures, Calista Calabro for placing 4th and Ana Allen for placing 5th in Introduction to Financial Math, Dylan Rowland for placing 3rd in Introduction to Information Technology, Isabella Frazier for placing 4th and Vanessa Sawyer for placing 5th in Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures, the team of Joseph Rinaldi and Wilson Rodriguez for placing 2nd in Management and Decision Making, the team of Payton Carey, Samantha Guzzi, and Jarred Rosar for placing 2nd in Management Information Systems, Robert Morgan for placing 2nd in Personal Finance, the team of Shawn Connolly, Frank Burke, and Matt McCaffrey for placing 5th, in Sports and Entertainment Management. Ms. Licia Olivetti, Business Teacher at CA is the advisor for the group.

I’m speaking with Madison Moase, currently in Grade 10 at Carbondale Area.

I asked her how she felt about placing first and she said, “There was a lot of good competition at the event, so it made me feel really good to place first. It was shocking at first but then I was pleasantly surprised.

I asked her how she prepared for the test and she said, “I reviewed questions online and asked my dad who is a lawyer. I applied what I learned doing Mock Trial also as I took the test.”

In the students who placed, Vanessa Sawyer, Matt McCaffrey, Wilson Rodriguez and Joe Rinaldi were absent from the picture.