REGION — Students from Carbondale Area continued their tradition of excellence this year at the PJAS competition.

Thirty-two PJAS Members received awards on Saturday, March 4, at The PJAS Regional Meeting at Wilkes' University.


In addition:

Maura Nevins, Emily Wallis and Chelsie Jones all received a 5 year perseverance award.

Chelsie Jones also received a $2,500 to scholarship to Wilkes University.

I asked Alyssa Cosklo, currently in Grade 7 here at CA, who received not only a first place award but also a perfect score, what her project was about and she said, “I tested whether external factors like chewing gum, listening to music, standing while testing have an effect on testing outcomes.

“I found that the normal environment produced better results than either the positive or negative environments.”

When asked about how she felt about winning a first place and also getting a perfect score, she said: “It felt great to win first place and get a perfect score.

“It was surprising because this was my first year presenting so that made it even more special.

“It was exciting and good to know that all of my hard work paid off.

“I can’t wait to go to the state competition and present my project there.”

The 22 first place awards were given to the following students:

Sarah Parry, Mia Perri, Deana Mancuso, Olivia Manarchuck, Cora Heenan, Mckinley Borders, Megan Wallis, Vanessa Sawyer, Chelsie Jones, Emily Wallis, Kianna Savage, Alyssa Cosklo (Perfect Score), Taylor Mazza, Jarred Rosar, Emma Jones, Rory Misko, Astrid Paz, Kristina Gorel, Emily Wall, Dylan Rowland, Michaela Mclaughlin, and Katelyn Dovin. These students will travel to Penn State University to compete in the statewide competition.

Ten second place awards were awarded to the following students: Oliva Regal, Amelia Zazzera,, Christina Carachilo, Gianna Arnese, Noah Newcomb, Julia Kelly, Madison Cost, Emily Kelly and Jessica Borders.