The Class Night Ceremony for the graduating class of 2017 was held on Wednesday, June 14, at 7 PM in the high school auditorium.

A President’s Welcome was provided by Chelsie Jones who has been Class President for all of her four years of high school.

Anna Totsky read the Class Poem. Presentations were given to each member of the class by the team of Jason Jablonowski, Robert Morgan, Chris Smith, Dominic Gigliotti, Maura Nevins, Alexandra Artone, Samantha Zenker, & Alyssa Gerek, The Class Will was read by Patrick Smith & Emily Wallis. Joseph Vadella & Destiny Santanna presented the Class Prophecy. The following awards were presented to the graduating seniors:

Jack Rosler – Robert Morgan & Alexandra Artone

Steve Brownell – Alexandra Artone & Anna Totsky

Tom Molinaro Memorial – Dominic Gigliotti

Barbara Consagra Memorial Track Scholarship – Alexandra Artone & Jason Jablonowski

Barbara Consagra Foundation of Hope – Mikenna Walsh & Chelsie Jones

Shane Rivenburgh Memorial – Dominic Gigliotti

Kayla Nakonechni Memorial – Anna Totsky

Diane Kelly Math Excellence Award – Shannon Pendergrast

McDonnell/Tomaine Memorial – Mikenna Walsh

Fendrock Family – Alexandra Artone

Dr. Gina Carlo Memorial – Robert Morgan & Anna Totsky

Carbondale UNICO – Alexandra Artone & Maura Nevins

Carbondale BPW – Robert Morgan

Carbondale Housing Authority – Chris Smith

Dime Bank Director’s Award – Mikenna Walsh

Feel Good Charities – Samantha Zenker & Robert Morgan

Simpson VFW Post 4712 – Brianna Daley & Jason Jablonowski

General Jerome F. O’Malley Legion Post –

Alexandra Artone

Brittany Caporali

Brianna Daley

Chelsie Jones

Robert Morgan

Maura Nevins

Hannah Tolerico

Anna Totsky

Emily Wallis

Mikenna Walsh

Samantha Zenker


General Jerome F. O’Malley Legion Auxiliary – Alexandra Artone, Samantha Zenker, & Robert Morgan

Devin Barnes Scholarship


109th Infantry Regiment Association – Brianna Daley

Legacy Scholarship


Erin Jessica Moreken Drug & Alcohol Treatment Fund, Inc. – Anna Totsky

Ambassador against Drugs – Samantha Zenker

Christopher Buckley Memorial Scholarship – Kodie Huston

National Honor Society Presentation – Chris Smith

Anne Fedorchak Memorial – Abigail Tierney & Anna Totsky

SFC George A. Pugliese – Robert Morgan & Samantha Zenker

Timothy Joseph Turano Memorial – Gabrielle Miller

American Red Cross – Frances Maddage

Michael “Red” Wallace – Evan Dearie

Scranton Area Foundation’s #GaryInspiredMe – Maura Nevins

Frank T. Lee – Samantha Zenker

Judith and Joseph Calabro – Anna Totsky


Faculty Academic Excellence

Shannon Pendergrast

Baylee Carey

Anna Totsky

Brett Gillott

Samantha Zenker


Nellie Jordan and Mary Louise Gallagher – Brett Gillott


James and Margaret Pidgeon – Baylee Carey


Peter Petorak – Chelsie Jones


Robert Jurble – Shannon Pendergrast

The evening concluded with a farewell address by Chelsie Jones, Class President.