The Chamber Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition, “My Journey on Canvas – The Art of Cathy Arvonio.”

This exhibition depicts a one woman solo public exhibition of her art, show-casing her dedication and love for oil painting.

Painting with oils is a highly specialized and difficult medium that Cathy Arvonio has mastered. Each canvas is like a travelogue through her years of study.

“The oil painting medium in which Cathy Arvonio excels is a difficult artistic process,” stated Ruthanne Jones, Chamber Gallery director. “The minute detail Cathy achieves is I believe her hallmark of style and expertise.”

While the oils are forgiving in the ease of blending colors and hues, it can take hours to dry before the next layer may be applied. A tremendous amount of patience is required.

“I encourage Cathy to devote herself to painting, for she has the gift, commitment and style that is all her own and shines in her professionalism, as well as her joy in creating her beautiful paintings,” said Jones.

Mayfield native Cathy Arvonio recalled the time when, sixteen years ago, she had a conversation with Paul Roginski about art and her history of drawing and sketching.

Roginski then invited Arvonion to Palette Pals, an oil painting class he taught evenings in the fall and spring.

Arvonio was reluctant at first because she had not done free oil painting before, but at Roginskis encouragement she continued.

“I went to this class, he put a blank canvas in front of me, showed me all these paint tubes of beautiful colors and gave me a few instructions on brushing techniques and mixing colors,” Arvonio explained.

“I began to put the paints onto canvas, and it all just clicked and came together. That was the beginning of my love for oil painting and my love to create and re-create. It re-kindled that passion I had for art.”

The past few years have brought more painting opportunities for Arvonio, including displaying paintings in First Fridays in Scranton. She has also received commissions and sold her paintings.

In November 2016, after much contemplation, she made the difficult decision to change her career and devote herself full-time to oil painting and pursue her passion.

“I always, always find beauty in everything I paint!” Arvonio said. “There’s beauty all around us and in every one of us, and it is a gift to 'see' it and to paint it. From that I take, and put it all onto my canvas.”

With practice, came more freedom in creativity.

“Throughout the years, I learned to be freer with my creations and have put more of myself into the painting, along with recreating the picture I see,” Arvonio said.

My Journey on Canvas – The Art of Cathy Arvonio will continue at The Chamber Gallery from June 24, 2017 until July 17, 2017

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