CARBONDALE – The sounds of music have arrived in Carbondale!

On Saturday June 3rd,  Treble Rebel Music Shop opened at 5 Park Place. To kickstart their adventurous new endeavor, Pioneer City’s co-owners Elyssa Bowman and Konrad Kozieja invited several local bands to help announce their new business. And throughout the afternoon, their acoustic sounds and songs filled the air while locals sat in the adjacent park to enjoy the music and get acquainted with the newest business in town.

Having relocated to NEPA from Brooklyn NY about three years ago, this music-loving duo has each had their own affair with music long before they became engaged. “I’ve often turned to music whenever I needed to vent,” said Bowman.

“In NY, I’ve been in and out of different bands for many years and play electric and acoustic guitar. I also sing solo and with groups. My personal style is more alternative than anything else at this point. But overall, music offers me a time of self-development. I’ve also wanted to open a music shop for quite some time.”

Born in Poland, Kozieja relocated to the States when he was 12 and met Bowman in NY through some shared performances. “But it was my godfather who used to give me goose bumps when he played back home,” Kozieja recalled.

“It took some talking on both our parts, but I convinced my mother to buy my first guitar when I was a kid, and over time I taught myself how to play it. Years later, after I’d moved to Brooklyn, it was my best friend, Sebastian, who really opened my music horizons.

"The two of us used to experiment with sounds, just playing chords and freeforming our way through a song. Sometimes we’d record what we developed so that we could replicate it later. It was unconventional, but we both learned so much by ear, just by experimenting and having fun with different kinds of music.”

Tactical self-taught musicians with well-honed string skills on guitars, mandolins, and ukuleles, Bowman and Kozieja opened their shop to share their own love of music with others.

“When we got here and joined Elyssa’s parents, there wasn’t any kind of music shop anywhere nearby. There was no place where we could hang with our music,” Kozieja said. “And other than the karate school and Y, there’s really not much else for kids around here either. Elyssa and I are amateurs, but we love what we do.

"We’d like to help others find their own music enjoyment too and would like people to come in, make their own noise, and just hang out in a safe place.”

“We started looking for a place to open our own shop about two years ago. But New York is just so expensive, that there’s no way Konrad and I could open our own shop there,” Bowman added.

“My primary job as a purchasing agent for an interior design firm in Brooklyn allows me to work remotely, so Konrad and I have put everything we have into getting this business started and intend to give it our best shot. We’ve picked up some used and new instruments – strings and keyboards too – to sell or trade and have already talked to some people to come in to give music lessons. We hope to start those by the end of the month.”

Getting the word out through flyers, word of mouth, and Facebook, Bowman added “we’re testing the waters to see what people would like to do and learn, what kind of music they like, and what kinds of equipment and gear we should carry for sale. Having a storefront helps all around, but we know it’ll take a little time.”

The duo is also looking to fundraise to help bring music to more residents.

We want to raise and expand the area’s music network,” said Kozieja. “Our longer-range hope is to raise funds to start an annual arts and music festival right here in Carbondale.

"Having a music shop in town will definitely give this city something else to do, something more for the kids and others who love music, and it will generate more traffic and tourism toward the Carbondale area.”

Trebel Rebel is open Tuesday-Saturday, Noon-6:00pm. For additional information, call 570-766-3742 or like them on Facebook.