Carbondale Area students who placed first in the regional competition were invited to the PJAS State Meeting at PSU.

Nine students placed first: Chelsie Jones, Emma Jones, Megan Wallis, Kristina Gorel, Emily Wall, Cora Heenan, Alyssa Cosklo, Mia Perri, Dylan Rowland.

Thirteen students placed second: Rory Misko, Katelyn Dovin, Rory Misko, Astrid Paz, Kianna Savage, Olivia Manarchuck, McKinley Borders, Vanessa Sawyer, Michaela McLaughlin, Deana Mancuso, Taylor Mazza, Sarah Parry, Jarred Rosar. Emily Wallis also received a third place award.

Katelyn Dovin achieved a four year perseverance award and Chelsie Jones received the PA Science Talent Search Award. Mrs.Jessica Trichilo is the advisor of the group.