Residents of the White Birch Center on Reservoir st in Simpson are playing an important role in helping to revitalize and maintain local parks in the town.

Examples of their efforts in action and of their dedication to community service are evident at various places in Simpson.

Over two dozen residents have donated hundreds of hours collectively to provide the manpower needed to maintain, sustain, and further develop three separate areas of town.

The Birch Hill residents have taken ownership of the Dimes From Heaven recreation grounds and lake on Lord Ave.

The men have been responsible for operating chainsaws, lawn mowers, and weedwackers needed to provide for tree and brush removal, grass cutting, and the overall cleanup of the area.

Of special importance is the wooded area they have cleared to allow for the construction of a pavilion and charcoal pits. They also have made the DFH Lake more accessible for fishing.

Their community contributions are also readily noticed noticeable at the ground surrounding the Simpson Star And Cross Structure.

Their extensive time given there clearing the forested area have provided greater visibility of the star and cross that is lighted during holiday seasons.

The men of the Retreat have also been requested by the Simpson Pennies For Playgrounds Charitable Organization to donate time for help with the many improvements being made at the Jefferson St Playground.

The Clients of The Retreat at Birch Hills give their time for community development in the evenings after their regular work day is over and during weekends.

Community service is one of the many components of the education they receive during their residency at White Birch. Further information about the Retreat can be obtained by calling Tom Lavelle at the retreat.