CHILDS — Marino brothers John and Ken are thrilled to have Marilake Winery up and running on 209 Main St, Route 6, Childs, PA.

After purchasing Salvatore’s bar, a landmark since 1947, the brothers immediately got to work designing and remodeling the new winery.

The outcome is an Italian Villa, with indoor seating for 52 and outdoor/patio seating for 40.

The original bar from the early days of Salvatore’s has been incorporated for all to admire.

Patrons can relax in the restaurant, listen to music and enjoy a glass of wine and great food.

Beneath the restaurant, sits the winery, which can now produce approximately 1,000 cases of wine per year.

The wine is made by continuing the tradition of the Old-World way of racking, bottling and labeling wine by hand in temperature and humidity controlled rooms.

They offer red wines that are tapped directly from barrels and customers are able to sample all the varieties of wine Marilake has in house.

The Marino brothers began making wine in the 1980’s, carrying on a family tradition handed down from there great grandfather and great uncle, two Italian immigrants whom came to America from Sicily.

Currently they have 38 varieties of wines (sweet, reds, blushes and whites) as well as a variety of Pennsylvania brewed beers and Pennsylvania distilled whiskeys.

The brothers encourage you to enjoy there nightly specials Thurs 5pm-10pm Fri and Sat 5pm-11pm and there brunch special from 9am to 3pm.

Relax on the covered outdoor patio which features live music on Saturday, at 7pm.

Marilake Winery is located off the Meredith Street Exit of the Casey Highway. Visit Marilake Winery at and like them on Facebook.