The Chamber Gallery is honored to present The Paintings of “Warren Cox, Urban Memorialist.”

An acrylic painter from Scranton, Warren Cox is an active member of The Architectural Heritage Association of Scranton, Pennsylvania which endeavors to preserve, conserve and protect buildings, objects, landscapes and other artifacts of historical significance.

The association preserves the material, historical and design integrity of humanity's buildings of period heritage through carefully planned interventions, conservation and preservation.

As an artist, Cox draws inspiration from his abiding devotion to the history of the area and its people.

Warren Cox explains, “I have always valued the architecture and lovely scenery of the region, and I have tried to preserve and demonstrate the appreciation of fine architectural examples through my artistry by depicting some of the lost treasures and vistas as well as those still in evidence today. Some have a rather whimsical, or nostalgic air, while others are more straightforward and historical.

“But my ultimate goal is to bring attention to the beauty from the past, which we have tragically lost, and delight in what remains, to make concerted efforts and effective means to preserve these time-honored works of beauty and style.

“Architecture gives some of the most important insight into society, our people and our history.”

Warren Cox is a true “Rennaisance Man”of many talents. Being active since childhood as a vocalist, he has sung in dozens of local churches, a choir member of the Elm Park, Myrtle Street and Jackson Street Churches and the Men's Quartet, an honorary Life Member of the Clarks Summit UMC Church choir, the “Messiah Sing In,” the former Scranton Philharmonic Orchestra,

and the Marywood Wind Ensemble Summer Concert Series.

Cox has appeared in leading and character roles in well over 100 Musicals and Plays, a movie and several TV commercials and is a former board member of Wilkes-Barre Little Theatre and Actors Circle Theatre.

Warren is also an avid writer, writing short stories and a crime novel, likes gardening, travel, art history and is a horse and dog lover. He also collects cats. He once lived in a haunted house complete with a poltergeist. Warren Cox’s art has been exhibited in private showings at the Manhattan Room Gallery, the Olde Brick Theatre, and Bisstochi's Restaurant.

The opening reception for the exhibition, “The Paintings of Warren Cox, an Urban Memorialist” will also feature the well known gifted song stylist Doreen Coleman, who will perform a repertoire of songs and music representative of the various historic periods associated with the periods of the paintings on display.

The reception is free and open to the public and will serve refreshments.

For more information please visit The Chamber Gallery Facebook Page.

The exhibition will run through October 23, 2017. The Chamber Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.