Carbondale Area Jr.-Sr. High School Medical Careers Club Officers for the 2017-18 school year are the following:

President- Kayla McDonough

VP- Olivia Manarchuck

Secretary- Kianna Savage

Treasurer- Dajah Romero

Planned activities include a Health Care Careers presentation, a handmade holiday greeting card project for residents of the Gino Merli center, a Poinsettia Flower fund raising sale, a field trip to a local health care facility and Sun Safety Activities.

Mrs. Janet Rusnak, RN is the advisor for the group.

When asked if she was honored to be chosen vice-president of the group this year, Olivia responded, “Yes, since our advisor appointed officers based on how well we handled responsibility in the previous years, it is a privilege to be chosen to serve as vice-president.

"I look forward to a career in the health field, specifically surgery, so this is a good way to learn more about my future.

"I’m also flattered that I got it because I’m only in 10th grade and many club members are older.”