Mr. Joseph Borosky, Physics Teacher at Carbondale Area has announced the following officers for the Physics Club this year.

• President Ashlynn Allison

• Vice President Cordell Siggins

• Treasurer Kaitlyn Savage

• Secretary Amelia Zazzera

The Physics Club does tutoring every Wednesday at the school for all students struggling with math or science concepts.

They also participate in the Bridge Building Contest put on by the engineering society and they go on a field trip to Hershey Park for Physics Day each year.

Ashlynn was asked what her goal was as President of the club this year and she said, “My goal is to work with my classmates to achieve the best year yet applying the concepts of physics and math that we learn in class.

"I want to work to increase excitement about our competitions including the bridge building competitions and the one at the University of Scranton.”

In the picture from left: Kaitlyn Savage, Amelia Zazzera, Ashlynn Allison, & Cordell Siggins.