Carbondale Area Elementary PTA’s first recipient of the Pennsylvania Honorary State Life Membership (PLM) is Mrs. Diane Colgan.

Carbondale Area Elementary PTA’s first recipient of the Pennsylvania Honorary State Life Membership (PLM) is Mrs. Diane Colgan.  PLM is given to a person that has given great leadership to the PTA, service to children and outstanding service to education programs of the district.
      Mrs. Colgan has been teaching since September 1976. Mrs. Colgan is currently a kindergarten teacher at Carbondale Area Elementary School and serves on the CAES PTA Executive Board. Mrs.Colgan has been a speaker at the National Kindergarten Conference in Las Vegas as well as other conferences. Mrs. Colgan has been a PTA member since 1976 and has served as chairmen and cochairmen of many committees. Mrs. Colgan has held the offices of vice president and president. Mrs. Colgan states “I feel PTA is an important organization in our school that encourages school staff and parents to work together to implement activities that benefit our students. Throughout my years in PTA, I have made many friendships and have many cherished memories of undertakings and accomplishments that were achieved by my fellow members of PTA”.
      As far as teaching, Mrs. Colgan states “Throughout my 34 years, I have been touched by many students I had the privilege of teaching. I am now nearing the end of what I would consider a wonderful career. As I look back to what inspired me to become a teacher, I can’t help but think of one of my elementary school teachers, Mrs. Zurine. She was my second grade teacher and I idolized her. She was kind and made learning fun. I used to visit her at her home and she was always pleasant. In second grade, I wrote about what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said I wanted to be a teacher and never changed my mind. I have been very fortunate because I have had a wonderful professional career in which I was privileged to work with extraordinary colleagues and teach many wonderful children”.
      Mrs. Colgan truly cares about her students and their families and has always gone above and beyond for them. She not only cared about academics, but  also cared about making each child reach their personal maximum potential in all aspects of life. Mrs. Colgan has followed many of her students' accomplishments throughout their lives. Mrs. Colgan has been and continues to be a positive influence and has made a huge impact in the lives of children. Congratulations to Mrs. Colgan for receiving a well deserved award!
    Mrs.Colgan resides in Carbondale with her husband, Kevin. They have two children, Becky and Matt an one grandchild, Kevin.