Mickey ain’t happy — but just about everyone else is when it comes to having the web series “Mob On The Run” being filmed in Carbondale.

Mickey ain’t happy — but just about everyone else is when it comes to having the web series “Mob On The Run” being filmed in Carbondale. 
The series explores the comical side of mob underboss “Mickey,” played by show creator Michael Belveduto, as it follows the exploits of Mickey and his gang upon his release from federal prison.
In the show, Mickey is forced out of New York City after serving a nickel stretch in the pen, and he and the boys try to set up shop in a “foreign” town — which locals will recognize as being the Pioneer City!  The series packs a brass-knuckles wallop that hits you with the force of someone popping a couple caps into you, then as fast as you can say “bada-bing, bada-boom” it turns wildly funny.
Last week, the pilot episode “Mickey Ain’t Happy” premiered on the show’s website at www.mobontherun.com.
As part of the roll-out for the new series, cast members gathered to premiere the pilot at City Hall throughout the day of the Antique Festival/Art Walk and other activities taking place downtown on June 30.
Despite the brutal heat, the cast members — a.k.a. “The Family” — were dressed in full mobster regalia, everything from dark Italian suits to muscle shirts to lots of bling.  But it was well worth it, according to Barry Tangert, one of the show’s executive producers and co-writers, considering the reception they received.
“Everyone’s been really great,” offered Tangert, who plays Dominic “The Dom” Delegino on the show.  “The city has welcomed us with open arms.”
“The mayor even presented us with a key to the city...well, to the city jail, that is!”  he added with a laugh.
Tangert described “Mob On the Run” as a labor of love for the cast and crew, who hope that it will eventually be picked up as a syndicated network program on cable.
“We’re doing this as a web series out of our own personal passion, whether we ever get any bigger or not,” he explained.  “Of course, it would be great if that happened, but if not it won’t stop us from doing it.”
He said they all believe in each other and in the material, so he insisted:  “We’re not going to give up on this project.”
Tangert noted that the program is looking for local sponsors, and prospective advertisers can go to the show’s website for more information.  Like a good goomba, he promised they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.  In the meantime, the pilot episode is still up on the site for anyone who wants to watch it.
But be warned:  Even though Carbondaleans are thrilled to have the production shooting here in town...Mickey still ain’t happy!