Clemleddy Construction and other contractors have stepped up to help finish the restroom project in Bingham Park, assisting Joe Regenski, project coordinator.

HAWLEY - Clemleddy Construction and other contractors have stepped up to help finish the restroom project in Bingham Park, assisting Joe Regenski, project coordinator.

P. J. Dougherty, borough Zoning Officer who is also a representative from Clemleddy, reported to council on April 12th that the two doors that were installed last year are of “inferior quality” and have to be replaced.

With the break in the weather they have had a couple productive work days, and more are planned, he said. A problem they discovered was the doors, which were broken “and barely on there.”

The project budget, he said does not allow for the correct doors to be purchased.
Custom, steel security doors are recommended, Smythe said. Council was asked if any funds could be appropriated towards this need.

“We’re asking for any contribution to offset the $2,000 cost to put the correct doors on the building,” he said.

Parks & Recreation Commission had discussed it, and recommended that council cover the cost.

After discussion, Council agreed to spend $2,000 for the doors, to help get the project finished.

Mayor Kevin Hawk added that the cost would probably be made up by not having to rent the portable toilets for Bingham Park.

Dougherty said that the restrooms should be functioning “within a month.” Portable toilets were rented in the meantime.

Regenski, who is the owner of the Chop House Restaurant, had been gradually doing much of the construction himself. The site was secured for the winter.

Regenski expresses thanks

In a telephone interview afterward, Regenski expressed his thanks and appreciation to Clemleddy Construction and everyone that has lent a hand or gave support for the project.

While Clemleddy’s crew is finishing the restroom building, Regenski said he is continuing to work on the upgrade to the toddler playground. New equipment is ready to be installed. A rubberized mat will be poured. The toddler area will be designed to complement the large playground. Other items he is working on including getting a new sign put up, landscaping and finishing the walkway with stone pavers.

He said pavers can still be sponsored through the CJR Memorial Foundation. They can be engraved to the donor’s wishes, and every dollar goes towards the project.

The decision to upgrade the toddler play equipment, rather than re-use the old pieces, added around $8,000 to the project, he said. He stated that he is looking to raise more donations.

Others who have helped in the final (restroom) phase, he said, have included:

Exterior Works roofing, which supplied they roof at no cost. A. Jones Electric Service. Beach Lake Sprinkler which installed the plumbing. Wayne County Correctional Facility work detail, which worked on the restroom interior.

Clemleddy Construction will also lay the sewer line and cover the ditch promptly, Regenski said.

Regenski said he was glad to see the large amount of use the playground has been getting. “I hope it’s well taken care of,” he said. “I’m glad it’s so well received.”

No smoking

One thing he added he wishes would happen soon, is installation of signs denoting the playground area as a “non-smoking” area. “It annoys me,” he said, to see adults sit on the benches around the playground puffing away, while the kids play. “It’s not appropriate.”

He said he hoped having signs would “make someone think twice” before lighting up around the playgrounds.

Hawley Parks & Recreation Commission has discussed the non-smoking signs and has backed the idea.

Asked about the status, Councilwoman Elaine Herzog said that there are plans to put up signs soon, now that the work is nearing an end and the spring has arrived. Council is concerned with being able to enforce an ordinance prohibiting use of tobacco products, although signs are expected to serve as a deterrent.

Council President Ann Monaghan asked Grant Genzlinger to consider including the park restrooms as part of the grant funding to establish the walking trail from Lake Wallenpaupack, over the ridge behind the Silk Mill, and through the borough.

Genzlinger said they would be happy to look into that as part of the trail system.
Ground was broken for the handicapped-accessible restrooms in June of 2016. They are part of the second phase of park renovations that Regenski has been overseeing. The first phase surrounded the CJR Memorial Playground, also handicapped accessible. The playground opened November  1, 2014. The project is being funded by grants as well as donations through the CJR Memorial Foundation. The foundation is in memory of Joe’s son Caleb J. Rejenski, who died at the age of 2 from an illness.