LACKAWAXEN TWP. - Come the first snowfall of the year, the Lackawaxen Township road crew will no longer be plowing state roads. At the August meeting, Supervisor and Road Master Albert Beisel along with Supervisor Jeff Shook opposed resigning a contract with PennDOT that makes the township responsible for Market Road, the Towpath and Rowland Road for snow and ice removal.

Beisel said the township should “take care of our own roads and not worry about the state roads so much.”
Supervisor Chairman Michael Mancino was the sole board member in favor of the contract.

Woodloch’s back gate

The rear gate on Williams Road for Woodloch Springs was once again a hot topic at the meeting. There will be a hearing for Woodloch to expand the initial conditional use, said Mancino. Farley said Woodloch recognized that the back gate has been used without having the appropriate approval. But, the township has allowed the company to increase the paving and work for the “benefit of the road” and now Woodloch is trying to get approval for what they have already been doing.  

An amendment to the conditional use, Farley said would limit the usage of the gate and additional speed bumps would be installed in an effort to reduce the speed on the road. With those conditions, Farley believes Woodloch is “not getting a pass here.”

As well, people who rent in the community cannot have a key to enter Woodloch Springs, but only certain employees and residents will have keys. A member of the public noted that anyone can leave out of the gate. To which, Farley responded that such situations can be discussed at the September 18 conditional use hearing.

Although Farley cannot stop the conditional use, he said the board was trying to find a resolution to address the speed. That though, is the “best the township can do.”

A member of the public responded, “Their quality of life will improve, but mine won’t.” Farley retorted that with the speed bumps, the speed will be “significantly reduced.” A township resident, John Iona replied that won’t work if a resident doesn’t have speed bumps in front of their home. As well, he isn’t pleased with 30-ton trucks destroying the roads.

The issue of the gate and speed, Farley said will be addressed at the September 18 hearing. He wasn’t aware, however, of the issue with the large trucks affecting the roads. Mancino said he thought the gate would help the situation with the large trucks.


The next Lackawaxen Township Supervisors’ meeting is scheduled to be held Monday, September 18 at 7 p.m., immediately following the workshop at 6 p.m. Both are open to the public and are held at the Township offices on Urban Road. For information call 570-685-7288.