A Veterans Day Assembly program was held at Carbondale Area High School on November 9 to honor and salute our Veterans. Eagle Scouts Dylan Rowland and Zack Racht participated in the assembly by “Presenting the Colors.”

The Star Spangled Banner was performed by guest speaker, Melissa Meyers.

Narratives along with musical selections were performed by students Kaitlyn Savage, Wilson Rodriguez, Kayla McDonough, Rory Misko, Ashlynn Allison, Isobel Turonis, Katelyn Dovin, Christina Carachilo, Olivia Regal, Robert Scarpa, Madeline Kelly, Emily Gerek, Christina Carachilo, Shawn Connolly, Emily Gerek, Sarah Sawyer, Matthew McCaffery, and Joseph Rinaldi. The theme of this year’s assembly program was “Women at War.”

Paxton Postlethwaite and Abagale Zuraski were in charge of lighting and sound.

The Guest Speakers were retired military women Stephanie Collier and Melissa Meyers.

Their words of wisdom were very moving and inspirational.

Principal Joseph W. Farrell ended the program with his own personal remarks and regards to our Veterans.

I’m speaking with Katelyn Dovin who was part of the program and she is currently a senior here at Carbondale Area.

I asked her what she thought of the Veterans Day Program and she responded, “I believe the Veterans Day Assembly is a great way to inform students about the importance of this day. A lot of hard work was put into this event by my fellow classmates.

“Listening to the very personal stories from Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Collier made us more sensitive to what our soldiers actually went through in order to serve our country.

“The end result was beautiful and we were very happy with how it turned out and the way we honored our Veterans.”

Mr. Thomas Mauro, Social Studies Department Chairman was the Chairman for the event.