CARBONDALE – The Carbondale Public Library is a cornerstone of the city, offering the kinds of services that help a community thrive.

As the librarians will only be too happy to share, the library is not just a place for books anymore.

It's also a hub to access the internet, use business supplies like the fax machine and printer or take part in activities and special events for children to adults.

It is because of those services that the local library is being recognized with a Bronze Star status from PA Forward.

PA Forward is an initiative by the Pennsylvania Library Association meant to bolster the value of libraries to a community.

They recognize those libraries that provide important educational and economic opportunities for the people they serve.

The star designations are awarded to libraries that meet criteria in five essential literacies: basic literacy, information literacy, civic and social literacy, health literacy and financial literacy.

Now, the Carbondale Public Library joins a list of other Pennsylvania libraries who meet the requirements for the Bronze level star.

“It kind of gives us a little clout,” said librarian Stephanie Spaid.

In order to qualify, the library staff submitted screenshots, photos and other evidence of what literacies they addressed to PA Forward.

“We were able to use things that we do on an everyday basis,” Spaid said. “Staff meetings, displays, flyers, promotional things. Just show proof that we're doing it. Now we have to put it into action.”

Their efforts to improve and continue to provide valuable service do not stop there. Spaid said the librarians are working on meeting more strict criteria to level up to the next level: the silver star. They'd like to meet that goal soon.

“We're trying to have it by the end of the year, fingers crossed,” she said.

Library Board

The Carbondale Public Library is also actively seeking new members for their board of directions.

Applicants should possess a strong interest in the library and community, be able to attend six meetings during the year and involve themselves in promotions and advocation for the library.

Anyone interested in becoming a board member should send a letter of interest to Marie Zaccone at 5 N. Main Street, Carbondale, PA 18407. You can also email at