The first annual holiday breakfast was held on December 10, 2017 from 8 AM-11AM at the Carbondale Area High School Cafeteria.

The idea came to us from our new superintendent, Mr. Robert Mehalick who rallied up the troops here at Carbondale Area to make this vision a reality.

This wonderful tradition has begun as a community spirit building activity specifically aimed at giving back to the countless individuals who have served and contributed to our school district for many years.

Senior Citizens were encouraged to attend at no cost. Transportation was provided for any senior citizen who needed a ride by the school’s busing company.

Entertainment was provided by our high school band as well as many very talented students who sang solos to bring smiles to our many honored guests.

The food was delicious; the spirit of Christmas charity and joy was ever-present; and we topped it all off with a visit from our very own Santa.

We look forward to having this celebration of Christmas cheer together for many years to come.