CARBONDALE – The Chamber Gallery is pleased to present the new exciting exhibition, “The Whimsical Musings of Stephanie Westgate.”

The thirty piece collection forms the fascinating, eclectic and imaginative art in Stefanie Westgate’s uniquely original style. The opening reception will be held Saturday, February 10,  from 7 to 9 p.m.

The Director of The Chamber Gallery, Ruthanne Jones stated, “Westgate's work possesses the complete joy and freedom of an artist who truly loves the process of art and gives free reign to experimentation and spontaneity in all mediums with great versatility, rooted in honesty, heart and truth. This is a very happy exhibit!”

Currently, Stephanie's whimsical musings have steered her toward oil painting, alcohol ink, acrylic pouring and pottery.

She is a member of a local art group called Palette Pals located in Forest City. It is here that she learned to express herself with oil-based paints.

Her creative expression has also evolved into music. Stephanie is also a member of the community-based ukulele troupe, “The Kennedy Creek Strummers” located in Waverly, Pa.

The Kennedy Creek Strummers have delighted audiences throughout the area, and will be performing for the evening reception.

A delicious array of food and libations will be offered. The reception is free and open to the public and all are warmly welcome.

Stephanie Westgate, in her own words, tells her journey.

“My day job is as a Speech Language Pathologist and I’ve been working with kids for over 30 years,” said Westgate. “Although I was a paper and tape sculptor in my youth, it wasn’t until I first started working with children that I discovered a real need to create.”

That journey continued as she grew older and followed different art forms, starting with stenciling on sweatshirts.

“Then I dared to imagine,” Stephanie said. “I started to paint freehand on sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sneakers…it was the 80’s after all. Then it was time to accessorize and I began making jewelry.”

After seeing a flyer for a pottery class, Stephanie couldn’t resist “playing in the mud.”

“From there my imagination has taken me on a journey of whimsical proportions,” Stephanie said.

She settled in Thompson, Pennsylvania 25 years ago where her husband built her an art studio.

“I found I needed to create in many different mediums to satisfy my imagination and, as a working mother with two children, to satisfy my lack of free time.

“Therefore, I followed my whim, whether it was working with clay, beading, painting, felting or playing with plaster.

“I was the mom who would bring glitter, paint, and clay into my children’s classrooms and do mini pop up art lessons. For many of my daughter’s teen years, I hosted Camp Whimsy in my studio.”

Camp Whimsy hoped to bring out the artistic side in young artists where they could explore different mediums just as Stephanie had. The Camp also gave Stephanie the freedom to explore in yet more mediums, including alcohol ink, mosaics and batik.

Now, her artwork will be displayed and honored at the opening reception on February 10.

“I would be honored if you could join me in my whimsical journey,” Stephanie said.

The opening reception of Westgate's work and the music of the Kennedy Creek Strummers will take place Saturday, February 10, 7 to 9 p.m. at The Chamber Gallery.

The Chamber Gallery is located in the lobby of The Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce at 27 N. Main Street in Carbondale.

The Gallery is free and open to the public Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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