Mayor Sean Strub explained that one of the issues Milford Borough was not prepared is how to communicate with borough residents in the event electricity, telephones and internet are all down.

Strub stated that an emergency communications protocol has been drafted, in consultation with Dave Ruby, the borough’s Emergency Coordinator, Milford Police Department Chief Don Quick and Frank Tarquinio, Council President.

The two most important pieces of information are to:

a) Sign up for the Code Red alert system  (there is a link on the borough website at; and

b) In the event there is no way to communicate by telephone or the internet or text, the borough will post the most recent information on the front of the Borough Office building at 111 West Catharine Street.

Emergency Help

To reach the Milford Police Department in the event of an emergency call 911.  To reach the Pike County Emergency Communications Center for non-emergency business, call 570-296-7700.  

During emergency situations, Milford’s Police Department will be on the streets, patrolling, guiding traffic or whatever other assistance is required and are not likely to be in the office at 111 West Catharine, although residents may stop there as well if necessary.  

Radio Communications

Borough residents are encouraged to have a portable battery-operated radio so they are able to access updates broadcast on the radio. When appropriate, Milford Borough will provide information to the Neversink Radio Group, which has several stations that are heard in Milford Borough (WDLC 1490/107.7, WYNY 1450/106.9, WABT 96.7, WJZZ 88.1).

Directly Contacting Council Members or the Mayor

The members of Milford Borough Council and the Mayor are always accessible to Borough residents and in the event of an emergency, residents are welcome to stop by the homes of any Council member if unable to get updated information otherwise.


Finally, Mayor Strub stated that they encourage residents to coordinate with their neighbors to have agreements to check on each other in the event of emergencies. 
“This has long been a tradition in Milford and we saw that during the recent storm, but it is a good idea to discuss this with neighbors explicitly, particularly with those newer to the community, so nearby support is available if needed,” he said.

Shelter and/or Warming Station

The Milford Fire Department is designated as Milford Borough’s official emergency shelter in the event such a shelter or warming station becomes necessary. In that event, the information will be posted on the Milford Police Department door as well as communicated through electronic means.