On Tuesday, January 30, the Carbondale Area Mock Trial team competed in the Lackawanna County Bar Association’s annual mock trial competition.

As always, the event takes place at both the county and federal courthouses in Scranton. Students take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses and compete against other schools. This year’s case is a civil case where an immigrant working at a large company was denied employment after potentially becoming a whistleblower for company wrongdoing. The immigrant is suing the company for reinstatement and damages.

Carbondale took on the role of the defendant on January 30 in a trial against Holy Cross. Their Plaintiff team competed against Abington on February 13.

Although our teams were not victorious this year, Mr. Carm Perri, advisor, says the experience is invaluable.

The students learn how to present themselves; they learn communication skills, logical thinking skills, and they learn good work ethic putting in many hours after school to prepare for both trials.

In the first match, best attorney honors went to Jarred Rosar and best witness was Kristina Gorel. In the second match, best attorney went to Kianna Savage and best witness went to Hanna Sweet.

 Kianna Savage, a Carbondale Area Junior, said  “I really think it was a great learning experience. We spent so much time preparing for the trials which really helped us to bond together as a team. I have good memories, new friendships, and lots of new skills to help me in all of my future endeavors.”

Members of this year’s team are:

Seniors: Robbie Scarpa and Hanna Sweet

Juniors: Madison Hayner, Madison Moase, Kaitlyn Shockey, Kianna Savage, Kristina Gorel, Anna Allen, Miranda McCormick, and Calista Calabro

Sophomores: Declan Caviston, Cora Heenan, and Jarred Rosar

Teacher Coach is Mr. Carm Perri

Attorney Advisor is Attorney Deborah Rothenberg