Calista Calabro, Kristina Gorel, and Noah Mauro were chosen this year to represent Carbondale Area Jr. /Sr. High School in the program "Tomorrow's Leaders Today." 

One Thursday each month, these students meet with 35 other juniors from surrounding schools in Lackawanna County and attend workshops concerning leadership qualities of teens in our community.  Nicole Morristell from the Scranton Chamber of Commerce leads the group discussion.

TLT is designed to give high school juniors leadership, interpersonal and managerial skills, an enhanced understanding of northeastern Pennsylvania and the opportunity to explore teamwork.

The program seeks to turn young aspiring students into future adult leaders. 

When asked how he felt about being selected for this program Noah said, “It’s really an honor because the school selected the top ten students in our class to apply and then Nicole Morristell selected just three of us to participate.”

Calista added, “I find the experience very rewarding and a lot of fun. We get to meet a lot of people that we hope to be friends with for many years to come. This experience opens us up to many new opportunities. I think that the program really helps to develop our leadership qualities.”

Kristina concurred, “Over the sessions, we’ve learned about several different aspects of leadership as they apply to different job environments. It’s interesting to learn the varied aspects of being a leader in each of many different occupations. It is definitely a quality necessary for any field.”