Olivia Manarchuck was chosen as the 2018 HOBY representative from Carbondale Area. She is the daughter of Andrew and Lisa Manarchuck, Carbondale.

Aside from her excellent academic record, she is a member of The Charger Express Newspaper Staff. Olivia is an active member of Student Council and is the President of the sophomore class. Olivia is also in the Medical Careers Club and active in SADD. She is also a participating member in the Science and Technology club, PJAS, and the Spanish club. Olivia is a part of our Prosper Team at CA. This extensive participation in extra-curricular activities demonstrates Olivia’s natural leadership potential and also her willingness to serve our community with her many gifts and talents. She will attend the leadership conference in May.

The Hugh O’ Brien Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY) provides an opportunity for high school sophomores to recognize their potential talents and apply them in becoming effective, ethical leaders of the future.

The high level of energy, encouragement and motivation as well as the interaction with peers, panelists and volunteer staff are important elements in nurturing the students’ future leadership roles.

Each year every accredited public and private high school is invited to select and send outstanding sophomores as its representatives based on demonstrated leadership potential. There are approximately 70 Leadership Seminars held each spring in all 50 States and Canada.

At the end of each Leadership Seminar, one young man and young woman from each site is selected to attend the World Leadership Congress (WLC).

Hugh O’Brien the actor who portrayed the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp on television, started HOBY’s widely acclaimed international program began in 1958. This program provides lifelong leadership development opportunities that empower individuals to achieve their highest potential.

When asked what this award meant to her Olivia said:  “I’m humbly flattered to be selected to receive this prestigious award. I consider it a great privilege to attend this leadership conference. I think this experience will open doors for me to show me how to better develop my leadership qualities. I’m looking forward to a great learning experience.”