On Thursday, April 26, Mark Powell, Brian Gallagher, Kyle Shea, & Sara Varela from the District Attorney’s Office in Lackawanna County presented an assembly for grades 11-12 at Carbondale Area Jr/Sr High School.

The message of the presentation, scheduled on the day before our Prom, was to show students how dangerous it is to drink and drive. Specific examples were given of many people in our area who were killed by good people who made bad decisions to drink and drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The attorneys shared some astonishing facts and statistics about drunk driving and its consequences in Lackawanna County, along with some moving stories of those who have lost their lives or loved ones this way. Many examples cited were students from our very own school on both sides of the accidents as both victims and drivers. This fact really made it a powerful presentation as students realized the effects of these tragedies really hit home.

As community leaders, these law enforcement officers came together to remind students, during this time of celebration and merriment, to act responsibly and not drink and drive.

At CA, our purpose in offering this assembly was to open our students eyes the day before Prom, encouraging them to realize the consequences of drinking and driving. We wanted to drive home the point that every 48 hours a drunk or impaired driver injures or kills an innocent man, woman, or child.

The attorneys clearly showed how the legal system deals with drunk driving cases. Students could lose their licenses, go to jail, or end up with felonies on their records preventing them ever from getting good jobs.

When asked what he thought of the program presented by the DAs office and Bailey Rumford, “They gave us a lot of information about the factors of drinking and driving and how it can affect your community. I think all of us know, now, that it’s necessary to have a plan. It made us all think twice about how every decision you make can have lasting effects on your life.”