Artwork by Union Dale resident Seamus Murphy, age 8, has been selected for publication in Spider magazine.

In February, readers of the magazine were asked to submit an original drawing of a “colorful neighbor.” Seamus, the son of Brendan and Heather Murphy, submitted a drawing of a businessman. His drawing appears in the magazine’s “Spider’s Corner” section of the May/June 2018 issue.

Seamus, who along with his three brothers and his sister is homeschooled, said he doesn’t have a particular reason why he chose to draw a businessman, but that he’s glad he did and happy that his drawing was chosen to be included in the magazine.

“I really wanted to draw a person to enter the contest. It’s not a particular person. I just started drawing somebody and I looked at it and turned it into a businessman,” he explained.

Seamus doesn’t think his future lies in art though. He enjoys building with Legos and reading, stating that he would really like to own a library someday because he enjoys visiting the library and reading so much now.

Conversing with Seamus immediately reveals that he is an extremely bright and articulate child, with many interests including raising pigs as part of his 4-H experience, playing soccer, and practicing his favorite school subject, penmanship. He said he enjoys being homeschooled. “My subjects are really fun. And once we’re done, we can go outside and play with each other,” he remarked.

           Seamus enjoys reading a variety of books and magazines, including Spider, a magazine for children ages 6 to 9 that features short stories, poems, articles, and activities by the best children’s authors and artists from around the world. In each issue, readers are invited to submit their original artwork or writing on a specific theme to “Spider’s Corner”, with hundreds of entries pouring in for each theme from enthusiastic Spider readers. The editors select their favorites each month to be published in the magazine. Spider magazine is published by Cricket Media.