Carbondale Area students who placed first in the regional competition were invited to the PJAS State Meeting at PSU, May 21, & 22, 2018. We had 24 students present yesterday and we are pleased to announce the following results of the 84th annual state PJAS meeting:
Two perfect scores:
Kristina Gorel
Emily Kelly

First place:
Olivia Regal
Megan Wallis
Emma Jones
Jessica Borders
Gianna Arnese
Madison Cost
Alyssa Cosklo
Audrey Cobb

Second place:
Katelyn Dovin
Amelia Zazzera
Olivia Manarchuck
McKinley Borders
Rory Misko
Kianna Savage
Jarred Rosar
Josh Berg
Mia Perri
Sophia Calzola
Alyssa Hendrick

Third place:
Dylan Rowland
Emily Wall
Taylor Mazza

In addition to above state results, Emily Kelly received the Region 2 Junior Excellence Award in Computer Science.