Carbondale Area competed on May 31, 2018 at the annual Dr. Frank Sottile Memorial Math Competition held at Johnson College on Main Ave. in Scranton.

Hundreds of students from different districts worked on math problems both individually and in teams. The math competition culminates in a problem-solving relay race in which students pass back papers from one to another each doing his part to get the answer.

It's all about mixing math with competition and teamwork. Students from the same school were not placed on the same team.

Mrs. Joanna Grizzanti brought three students to the competition: Alyssa Cosklo, grade 8, and Julia Murphy & Brian Repsher from Grade 7. Julia Murphy from CA was on the winning team at the competition. She competed with students from Stroudsburg, Delaware Valley, and Valley View as her teammates.

When asked how she felt about being the only student from CA on the winning team and she said, “It was cool to have students from other schools on my team. I was happy to bring home a first-place award for myself and my school.”