The Chamber Gallery, located in the historic Dime Bank Building, now known as The Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Building, 27 North Main Street, Carbondale, Pa., is delighted to announce the opulent opening exhibit entitled, “Romanticism of Oils - The Paintings of Linda Iliff,” a remarkable representation of the fine art of oil painting

The Opening Reception will be Saturday, July 14, 2018 – 7 to 9 pm with entertainment by song stylist, the gifted Sandra Anderson who will bless the evening with her extraordinary voice and original songs of spirit and prayer. Refreshments will be served and the event is free and open to the public

In the exhibition “Romanticism in Oils”, Linda Iliff, explores painterlyqualities, similar toThe Romantic movement in art which promoted 'creative intuition and imagination' as the basis of all art. Thus the work of art became an expression of a 'voice from within' one’s being. Landscape painting was the preferred genre among Romanticists. Nature was seen as the mirror of the soul, motifs treatment of light, and a strong belief in the senses and emotions, rather than reason and intellect. Romantic painters tended to express an emotional personal response to life, All are present through the expressive brush on Linda's finely framed canvases.

Linda includes a variety of pictures depicting situations and scenes of everyday life. Subjects typically include domestic settings, interiors, cafes, and other urban street scenes and rural environments.

Ruthanne Jones, The Chamber Gallery Director, states, “Linda Iliff’s art is infused with the light of life in a timeless flow of nature, rural and urban scenes reflecting the energy and rhythm of the pulse and expression of gentle and happy times yet with the sense of longing and perhaps the hope that we may once again be open to the beauty around us and be touched by the innocence and wonder to be experience day to day, night to night in every moment of our lives.”

Linda Iliff, following the advice of her husband, cut back on her highly demanding fast-paced work as a registered nurse to give more attention to her painting hobby which discovered at the age of 39.

Linda explained, “Growing up, I always admired the oil works of my uncle Richard who had an engineering background and proved to be a talented artist. My passion has always been art. Although I have no formal education and am self-taught, I have a highly textured approach to create dimensions most artists achieve using very little paint. Sharing my work on social media inspired a friend to attempt watercolor painting and she has displayed magnificent results. This has been very rewarding to me as I believe everyone is born with a creative talent. Some may need a little nudge. I feel people’s attempts to tap into their creative talents are rare and occur less often than they should. I find my time painting, relaxing and therapeutic and am grateful for my husband's original advice for seeking a creative distraction.”

Self-driven desire and aspiration propel the self-taught artist, and the world itself is her classroom. Creative intuition and imagination is the basis of all art. Thus the work of art became an expression of a 'voice from within’ “Romanticism in Oils – The Paintings of Linda Iliff is a comprehensive and beautiful view of the unfolding of her creative spirit.

The exhibition will be on display at The Chamber Gallery, 27 North Main Street, Carbondale, Pa., Saturday, July 14, 2018 – Opening Reception 7-9pm through August 5, 2018.

The Chamber Gallery is free and open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, Special viewings on the weekends can be made in advance by calling The Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce 570- 282- 1690 to set up day, time, and reservation.