The Carbondale Public Library reached Gold star status through the PaForward Initiative and celebrated on Friday June 22nd with their patrons. Weis Markets of Carbondale generously donated a beautiful sheet cake to help them mark this memorable milestone.

In an effort to strengthen all of Pennsylvania’s communities, the Pennsylvania Library Association created the PA Forward initiative, which at its core, recognizes five literacies that they find to be the most important for a thriving community: Basic Literacy, Civic & Social Literacy, Information Literacy, Financial Literacy, and Health Literacy.

For libraries, the initiative is a program with 7 steps to bring each library up to the highest standard of supporting these five literacies in their communities through services and programs. The first step is to reach Bronze star status, which the Bookmobile received in August 2017. Bronze Star means that our library recognizes the PA Forward program, but did not specialize in each literacy.

The next five steps are divided by each literacy. Libraries must earn Silver Stars in all of the five recognized literacies. As of today, the Bookmobile has achieved Silver Stars in Basic Literacy, Civic & Social Literacy, and Health Literacy.

Once libraries achieve all five Silver Stars, they may start to work towards the Gold Star status. In order to receive Gold Star, the library must do additional tasks to further educate and spread awareness to the community about the PA Forward initiative and its literacies.