Blight-removing bucks awarded


CARBONDALE—Governor Tom Wolf paid a visit to the City of Carbondale, Tuesday afternoon, to announce $500,000 in grant funding to revitalize the downtown business district through elimination of blight and the creation of 25 new jobs.

Provided though the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), the funding will go towards the purchase and demolition of blighted structures and site development to make way for two new commercial buildings, states a press release from the Governor's office.

The new buildings are expected to be 15,000 and 8,000 square feet in size.

“Similar to other communities in the coal regions of Pennsylvania, Carbondale has worked to reinvent itself, removing blighted buildings and creating new opportunities for economic and community growth,” Governor Wolf said in a press release.

“Awarding this funding to redevelop the downtown business district will contribute significantly to regrowth in both bricks-and-mortar structures and in jobs – welcome signs for the community.”

Also present at the announcement, Representative Sid Michaels Kavulich said, “Anytime we can invest in rebuilding our towns and cities we’re doing the right thing.

“These dollars will help create jobs, preserve open spaces and encourage that small town feeling where people live, work and raise a family that America is all about.

“I want to thank Governor Wolf and all the local officials that worked as a team to make this happen.”

Likewise, Senator John Blake stated “The City of Carbondale continues to be a model for how state funding and private investment can revitalize downtown areas, create jobs and generate positive economic activity.

“This project will breathe new life into a blighted block in the heart of the city’s business district and I appreciate the governor’s continued attention to community development needs in our small cities.”

—Information from a release was used in this story.