The results of the Student Council election at Carbondale Area High School for the current school year are as follows:

7th Grade President – Holly Burke

8th Grade President – Josh Berg

9th Grade President – Chloee Rumford

10th Grade President – Kacydi Brewen

11th Grade President – Michaela McLaughlin

11th Grade Vice-President – Olivia Manarchuck

12th Grade President – Jessica Borders

12th Grade Vice-President – Kristina Gorel

12th Grade Secretary – Abbey Zuraski

12th Grade Treasurer – Astrid Paz

Student Council Historian – Emma Jones

Student Council Treasurer – Bayley Grizzanti

Student Council Secretary – Connor Eibach

Student Council Vice-President – Alyssa Cosklo

Student Council President – Olivia Manarchuck

Mrs. Joanna Grizzanti & Miss Teressa Dombrosky are the advisors for Student Council.

I interviewed Olivia Manarchuck, currently a junior at CA appointed to be our Student Council President this year, to ask what her goals were and she said, “I’d like to get our student body more involved in school as well as community service activities. I’m hoping to make some positive changes that will benefit all the students. For instance, I’d like to use social media to announce events and encourage all to attend and support our students and causes. I’m honored to be chosen for this role as a junior and I look forward to serving in it to the best of my ability.”