A long-empty building in Carbondale is seeing a lot of activity these days with the opening of a new business. Ink Therapy Tattoos is located at 45 S. Main St., right across from Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s a highly visible corner and that’s great for business say the shop’s co-owners Andrew Vranizan and Corey Grundstein.

Andrew and Corey, who are better known by their nicknames Drew and Core, have been working together since Core joined Drew at Eynon Ink over a year ago. That location didn’t offer the kind of exposure the men needed for drawing in new customers, so Drew decided to move his shop to Carbondale, to take Core on as co-owner, and to give the shop a new name.

“We like this location. We’re very visible and get a lot of walk-ins. We can build up a broader clientele here than in Eynon where most of our customers were Drew’s past clients,” explained Core.

With 17 and 20 years of experience respectively, Drew and Core are skilled tattooists who feel confident they can work in a variety of styles to produce original designs or to copy existing designs that a customer has chosen.

One of Core’s favorite types of tattooing is the biomechanical style. “Biomechanical is a style of tattooing similar to tribal, but with a lot of detail. It’s a free-flowing form of shapes that contour to the body with either mechanical or biological details blending in,” said Core.

“We’re very diverse artists. We like tattooing the skin, period. It doesn’t matter what the design is or what the style is,” Core said. “We have some flash—premade designs on the walls or in books. Or they can bring in something original for a custom design, or even bring in an image from the internet,” he added, noting that the internet is a great source of inspiration for potential customers.

Although Drew and Core are open to any style or subject matter, they draw the line at anything gang related. Neither will they tattoo hate symbols, such as swastikas. They do, however, offer cosmetic tattooing and cover-ups as well as decorative tattoos of all sizes.

In addition to tattooing, Ink Therapy Tattoos offers a full range of piercings courtesy of Drew. Pricing for tattoos and piercings is competitive with other tattoo shops in the area. There is a $40 fee for all piercings, with a slightly higher fee for intimate piercings.

The shop minimum for tattoos is $50, with larger pieces priced accordingly. Appointments require a deposit to hold the time slot for the customer. Drew pointed out that a shop minimum and deposits are necessary to cover the cost of ink, needles, and other supplies, as well as for the tattooists’ work and time.

To learn more about Ink Therapy Tattoos and see examples of Drew and Core’s work, visit the business’s website at https://inktherapytattoos.net or visit the Ink Therapy Tattoos Facebook page.

The shop’s Facebook page is a great way for people to become aware of special events at the shop, such as the current contest for Godsmack/Shinedown concert tickets. Up to and including August 17, customers who spend at least $100 and mention the contest will be entered into a drawing, to be done live on Facebook on August 18, to see Godsmack and Shinedown at the Pavilion at Montage on August 30.

Drew and Core are committed to providing customers with a tattoo or piercing that will stand the test of time. They take pride in their work, and look forward to providing clients in the greater Carbondale area and beyond with quality work and a positive tattooing experience.

Ink Therapy Tattoos is located at 45 S. Main St. in Carbondale. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from noon until 8 p.m. and Sunday and Monday by appointment only. For more information, call (570) 281-6510.