Trinity Episcopal Church recently held a weekend-long Art Festival, featuring nearly a dozen local artists and their Priest, Fr. Bill McGinty.

Although not widely advertised and quietly attended, the event presented an outstanding showcase of amazing talent, with the artists displaying their works in a wide variety of media.

Paintings were done in watercolors, acrylics, and oils, other works were created in inks and pen, on fused glass, stone, and leather, jewelry, tiled mosaics, and woven and stitched textiles were also among the many selections on display in the parish hall. Proudly displaying their works for sale, the artists generously donated a portion of their sales to the church’s ongoing fundraising efforts.

“This is the first of what we hope will become an annual event,” said Trinity parishioner Debbie Minton, an arts education major and psyche rehab practitioner who works with patients in recovery. Attendees were heard commenting that the festival was “a wonderful surprise” and indicative of the vast and skilled talents found within and around the Pioneer City.

“There really is so much talent all around us, among both professional artists and those who do their craft for personal enjoyment,” Minton added.

“Looking forward, and to help bring more community members into our church, we’re thinking about offering art classes and perhaps holding another similar pre-holiday fundraiser in mid-November.

"For starters, this event was a good showing for everyone.”